Single Review | Adam Andersxn | The Epilogue

Their accent shines through, adding personality to the song.

The Epilogue is the third single from Adam Andersxn and begins with a musical segment which lasts around 30 seconds. Within this short amount of time, there is guitar and piano which sound like they belong in an old western film. Additionally, what sounds like violin is also playing. This collection of sound is really unique, I haven’t heard this often. It is calming, and somewhat soothing. This segment sounds like a scene in a Clint Eastwood film where we’d see the scenery and everything is calm.

At around 30 seconds, Andersxn begins to sing. Powerful piano playing is heard, being the main focal point. There is a commanding rhythm throughout. At some points of the song, it sounds, to a certain extent, haunting. With the image of what looks like a church as the cover, it is a very fitting sound. The rhythm seems to gear the direction of the track, Andersxn’s voice flowing along with it.

This tune by the Glasgow based singer has similar sounds to other Scottish talents like Twin Atlantic. Their accent shines through, adding personality to the song. He is very good at using changes of the song’s tempo to portray the change in mood throughout the track. It will be interesting to see where Andersxn goes from here, whether he sticks to this musical style or changes it completely.