Gig Review | You Me At Six | SWG3 & The Barrowlands | 02 & 03 Feb 2023

I was lucky enough to go to two out of three sold-out shows in Glasgow to see the outstanding You Me At Six. The English rock band kicked the weekend off to a fantastic start. With the incredible first night being one of their intimate shows, hosted at SWG3, fans were able to get up close and personal with the five-piece Surrey-based band. As this was an intimate show there were no support bands, however, this crowd did not need to warm up as the fans were electric as soon as the boys came onto the stage. 

With lead vocalist, Josh Franceschi who knew Glasgow understood the assignment by hearing the crowd sing every single word from their 15-song set-list. 

 The atmosphere was intense with the sound of vocals from the fans singing along and this show allowed more interaction. From one lucky fan giving their phone to Franceschi to capture a recording, to another fan shouting they missed tickets for the other nights and being promised one was available for them.

It was also the first time I’d seen where the famous ‘Here we, here we…’ chant was started by the frontman! 

CC: Instagram @swg3glasgow & @michaelc_hunter

 Franceschi dedicated ‘Stay With Me’ to the boys in the house, and the ladies were later dedicated to ‘Take On The World’. 

 We were previewed to new material from their newest album ‘Truth Decay’ released on 10 February 2023, with the crowd being taught ‘God Bless The 90s Kids’ to hearing the latest single ‘Deep Cuts’. 

 We were also not disappointed in hearing past hits from ‘Underdog’, and ‘Fresh Start Fever’. I was also thrilled my favourite track ‘Reckless’ was performed with a surprising twist ending on The Killers ‘When We Were Young’. 

The English rock band felt the love in the room and the fans received it back as they were set up for what would be a phenomenal two nights ahead with sold-out shows at the iconic and historic Glasgow venue, Barrowlands. 

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The Barrowlands hosted the first of two sold-out shows and saw the place packed out! 

Crowds were well and truly warmed up seeing 3 support bands starting with Bears in Trees, then The Maine offering a 45-minute slot which captured the hearts of those who cry out bring back pop punk, followed by the final support ‘The Waterparks’. 

With the fieriest, deep, and most passionate red lighting fitting well to the new album ‘Truth Decay’, You Me At Six were given that unforgettable Glasgow welcome as they took to the stage. 

Opening with ‘Deep Cuts’ fans were introduced to new material but taken back to the past with ‘Straight To My Head’ – which I have to say you knew this venue was jam-packed as the crowd in unison leapt in time, while pelting out ‘I wanna be where you are, I wanna be where you are…’!

This is the energy you feed off from, even for the newer fans you can instantly grasp this contagious chemistry (no pun intended). 

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We were also taken back in time as we were treated to ‘Bite My Tongue’, ‘Cold Night’, and ‘Give’ and an acoustic version of ‘No One Does It Better’ as well as hearing other new tracks from ‘heartLESS’, ‘No Future? Yeah Right’ and ‘Mixed Emotions (I didn’t know how to tell you what I was going through)’ the boys did a superb job at taking fans on a sound adventure visiting past hits and discovering new future ones. 

Goosebumps were felt across the room as there was an undivided sensation of love across the room as You Me At Six played ‘Glasgow’. It only felt right to play this in one of Glasgow’s most popular venues, and the appreciation from that band could be felt right by every soul there. 

Ending on a high, as if the electric atmosphere couldn’t get any louder surrey-based legends got the last of our energy blasting us with ‘SUCKAPUNCH’ into ending in ‘A Beautiful Way’. 

 And a truly beautiful way it was as Franceschi bids the Glasgow crowd with a farewell saying ‘we love you – no one does it better’.