Scotland’s favourite blues rockers Gerry Jablonski band launch their latest offering ‘Life Down The Middle’. If you enjoy some heavy blues guitar with a hint of swing and a generous serving of bold harmonica and funky bass then this track is for you.

Gerry Jablonski Band are a four piece blues rock band hailing from Aberdeen. Having been gigging on the circuit for a good while they are notoriously known for their energetic, passionate, bold and entertaining sets. The blues is very much alive with Gerry and his band of merry men.

The band took to Mark Morrow’s studio in Edinburgh to record this number and the production on it is undeniably wonderful. Gerry and his band blend old school blues and newer style rock with such great craft, it draws in the attenion of everyone around. Targetting audiences where blues possiby was never on their genre radar.

Within their live sets drummer Lewis Fraser usually gets to step away from the drum kit and takes centre stage. He grabs a microphone and the most heartfelt words are sung, this has always been the highlight of a set for me as he sings ‘Somebody’. It is really brilliant that Lewis gets to take the reigns on this track with some beautifully passionate vocals. I feel his vocals brings a modern and relatable feel to this track. Gerry and Lewis’s harmonies are extremely complimentary of one another.

On talking about the meaning of the track – “Gerry has written a song for his young apostle, drummer Lewis to sing. A tribute to the talent behind this angelic voice, it’s a biographical tale of rock and roll, debauchery and life in the fast lane. You know, the usual drummer stuff.”

Life Down The Middle showcases the exceptional talent amongst the band. Peter Narojczyk (Harmonica) middle 8 harmonica solo is fast paced and skillfull adding real texture to the track.

Gerry Jablonski Band are always so locked in, the chemistry within the band can be heard in this track and is only shown in abundance during a live show.
videographer Stuart Alexander

There is no denying that Gerry Jablonski Band are taking the rock/blues scene by storm, playing up and down the country and hitting the festival circuit also. This is the second single they have dropped this year, maybe hints of an album to come. Straight Down The Middle is a phenomenal track and continues to put the spotlight on the talent within the band, a decision to have Lewis on lead vocals for this is a smart move.

If you like the track, head along to a live show. Having follwed the band for a VERY long time I can guarantee they will not fail in providing a good time.

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