Single Review | Go To Girl | Slipping

The edge fits into Go To Girl’s indie identity.

Slipping is the newest single from Scottish indie quartet, Go To Girl. This is one of the catchiest and most uplifting songs I have heard in a while. It’s full of pop-synth sounds which would make anyone excited for summer. I can definitely see people playing this in the warmer, summery nights.

The female-fronted band give us something to look forward to with this latest release. “Give me a hope to believe in, and I’ll keep holding on“, are lyrics that appear to compliment but somehow also contrast the uplifting track. In recent times, it seems like we have lost “hope” or things to look forward to. Go To Girl’s easy-listening track makes us think differently.

With the energising sound it creates, this song takes those negative thoughts away and gives us warmer days to be eager for. It is impossible not to dance or move to this song and it’s easy to follow melody will quickly have anyone singing along.

When I first listened to this tune, I heard influence from The 1975’s ‘Girls’. Both have guitar and synth riffs that give them an edge, deferring from a more pop-sounding song. While pop isn’t a bad genre to venture into, the edge fits into Go To Girl’s indie identity. Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’ also has a similar sound to ‘Slipping’. If you’re a fan of either Paramore or The 1975 then this track, and the band themselves, will definitely appeal to you.

The Scottish band have already had this track played by BBC Introducing. This has given them incredibly well-deserved recognition. Go To Girl are definitely a band to watch out for, their songs are memorable for all the right reasons.