Single Review | Primes | Breaking it Down

It seems like it’s that time again; bands have recovered from the winter lull and, as a result, are releasing music left, right and centre. Primes‘ sound-defying entourage now consists of original members; Sarah Monteith, Oliver Kitchen and Reece Ryan. Unfortunately, this change comes with the departure of Ray McArthur.

Since their Formation in 2017, Primes have been travelling the country, Including festivals such as Belladrum and Vibration Fest. As a result of the trio’s substantial growth, BBC Introducing Artists’ experience and commitment to making great songs. It comes as no surprise they are getting the respect they deserve.

Breaking It Down” will be released on March 10th and is the band’s latest hoorah, a blending pot of clashing drums paired with melodic and catchy guitar pieces. However, what stands out for me the most with this track is Sarah Monteith’s vocals. The lyrics piece the song together like a story. On the one hand, there is a feeling of gloom for the songs “protagonist.” Yet depending on your mood, the track can be motivational and energizing, pushing you to do your best.

“Our new track “breaking it down” is about keeping up
appearances to fit in with others”.

Primes on their new track Breaking It Down – EPK

A recurring factor I’ve noticed with Primes is their consistent ability to make inspiring and well-thought-out music, which is a surefire recipe for greatness when paired with this band’s musical talent.

Primes currently have several gigs lined up, including a supporting role for Wrest at Temple Falkirk on 04/03/23. Legends Edinburgh on 07/04/23 and The Flying Duck Glasgow on 08/04/23.