For those in search of their latest contemporary punk fix, look no further than one of Glasgow’s finest musical offerings Baby Strange and their latest release I Want to Believe.

With an established reputation and a loyal following Baby Strange are no stranger to commercial success and sold-out venues. Unable to perform live, the band have channeled their untapped energy into creating this single that is both musically captivating and thematically relatable for many listeners, myself included. I Want to Believe presents a fresh perspective on religion, and how many of us feel outcast in pursuit of faith by not “fitting in” with how the Christian God would supposedly want us to be.  

In keeping with the band’s impressive discography, I Want to Believe is a raucous ride from start to finish through catchy guitar riffs and a dynamic drumbeat. I Want to Believe is a veritable earworm, demanding a spot in the listener’s subconscious long after they have finished their first listen. Catchy lyrics coupled with thrashing guitar and pounding drums amp up the excitement from the first chord. You will undoubtedly find yourself humming the refrain constantly. This is one track I cannot get out of my head, and nor would I want to. It has been “going over in my head” to quote the brilliant lyrics of this song. This is the perfect song to get you fired up, and like many other fans of Baby Strange I long for the day I can hear this live! Spotify and Apple Music have both added I Want to Believe to their playlists, so you know it’s good!

Reminiscent of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, a band Baby Strange have performed alongside as a support act, it will not be long before bands are crossing the pond to support one of Scotland’s most exciting bands. Since forming in 2012, Baby Strange have never let the momentum slip. Judging by the breadth of talent each member has both individually and as a collective, they are on an upward trajectory with no end in sight.

After such a prolonged period of worldwide uncertainty, the one thing we can believe in is the boundless potential these guys have in their hometown and beyond. Renowned for their captivating live performances, you cannot miss out on the guys from Baby Strange doing what they do best in SWG3 this December.

I Want to Believe is streaming for free on Spotify and Soundcloud and is a must-listen to power through another dreary day in lockdown. If you like what you hear, consider purchasing the single through Bandcamp to show your support for the Scottish music scene.
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