What do you do in the Scottish Music Scene?

I’m the director and founder of Glasgow based Timeless Music Promotions. Through Timeless I run shows across Scotland. During lockdown we have expanded Timeless into management where we manage three artists: La Club Royale, Columbia and Sienne. I also rep for some other promoters in Glasgow like This Feeling.

What made you want to get involved?

I always had a passion for music growing up, my parents would always have music playing around the house. When I was thinking about leaving school, I knew that I wanted to work within music so I started a Music Business course at West College Scotland where I discovered my true passion for the industry.

What’s the best thing about the Scottish Music Scene?

The Scottish music scene has so many positives within it! I love how much talent we’ve got whether you look at different areas of the country or between the different genres. I think people from other areas of the UK are now looking to see what Scotland are doing music wise.

Did anybody help you get started in the Scottish Music Scene?

I think lots of people have helped me start within the music scene in Scotland which has helped me take steps into other areas of the UK like Liverpool. I would say my college lecturers; McD, Gavin Simpson, Adrian Hunter and David O’Hagan taught me some of the most valuable lessons and taught me about the business side of the industry. It was through college that I got the experience that prepared me to go onto other things. My lecturers also gave me the confidence to try out new things. Gavin gave me my first job within the industry in a record shop called Feel The Groove. Adrian has also given me loads of advice about the industry.

I think there’s so many people that have helped me in general. I think that’s another positive about the Scottish Music Scene, everyone is willing to help you and give you a massive amount of advice.

Who inspires you in the Scottish Music Scene?

There are so many people who I look up to within the Scottish Music Scene! There’s the team at Resonate (Susan, Kayleigh and Billy) who inspired me loads when I worked at Resonate back in 2019, they do a massive amount to help artists across Scotland. There’s also Mikey and George at This Feeling! I know they aren’t based in Scotland but they have given me so many opportunities and help develop and grow a massive amount of Scottish artists through This Feeling shows.

Who’s your favourite Scottish Artist?

My favourite Scottish artist has to be my boys La Club Royale! I know I manage them so I’m cheating a little bit but some of the music they are producing is out of this world. I also love the likes of The Lutras, Paris Street Rebels, The Van T’s and The Capollos to name a few.

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to get involved?

Don’t be afraid to try new things but be prepared to put in the hard work. I think whenever you have a passion about music it always shines through. When working in the industry everyone tends to put their heart and soul into projects which is half the battle but you also need to be prepared to work hard. 

Things to avoid doing when starting out in the music industry?

Don’t get above yourself. I think everyone should be proud of what they do but don’t get to the point where you are nasty about other artists. Everyone is trying to achieve the same thing so we should all be working together.

The best bit of advice you’ve received?

I remember having a meeting in college with the head of the department, David O’Hagan. I was upset about something that had happened and had been messed around by an artist that I put a lot of time into, David told me “be nice to people of the way up because you’ll always meet them on the way down” meaning that the person might be doing well just now but they would need my help at a stage later on and it’s something I’ve always followed to this day. No matter where someone is in their career you should always be respectful and try and help each other out.