An extremely explosive, country concoction of multiple instruments from the banjo to the piano, The Black Denims have blessed us with a track that will take control of the audience before they are aware of what is going on. ‘You Weren’t There’ really is something special, its full of personality and is bursting with life, which is guaranteed to immediately grab the attention of any listener, whether they are a fan or not. For me, the most infectious part of this track is the chorus, a chorus which is made up of a sort of chant that makes it so easy to imagine the type of atmosphere this song will produce when a crowd is exposed to it. With lyrics that are just as powerful as the Celtic rhythm, The Black Denims will have no issue pulling a crowd and starting a party while playing this tune live. Having started out as a ‘psychobilly’ blues- punk two piece, The Black Denims have evolved into a seven piece band and collected members from other well-known groups such as Awkward Family Portraits, The Hoojamamas, The Vintage Explosion, The Hazard and Tom McGuire & The Brassholes, which has created an ensemble of the talented heroes, who are producing some of the most exciting music to come out of Glasgow right now!