Aberdeen’s very own indie-rock band The Capollos are back to bless our ears and perk up our lockdown-lives with their latest tune ‘Electrify’.

The Capollos, made up of twin brothers Kyle (vocals and rhythm) and Lloyd McDonald (bass and vocals) as well as Greg Adams (drums) and Brett Thain (lead), are a band which have been making waves among the Scottish music scene, establishing themselves as a familiar face within the scene and even winning an award along the way.

With those of you who are familiar with The Capollos, their newest single Electrify is everything you would expect from them and more. Heavy hitting drum-beats and encapsulating guitar riffs is what we’ve come to expect from the Aberdonian lads and that’s what they give us in this latest instalment in The Capollos mission to push across the rest of the UK.

The Capollos know their audience and what they want, but still have the listenability to draw in new fan’s with ease, the noughties inspired indie-rock sound has really worked for them and helped them build up some form of cult following within their fans.

Hopefully, post-lockdown of course, they can achieve that feat and set their sights on the rest of the globe.

Listen Here: