‘The Roly Mo’, are back with feel good single, ‘A Better Place To Hide’.

What’s the Score?

Over the past few years, ‘The Roly Mo’, have quickly evolved from fresh faces on the scene to established indie staples. Their debut E.P, ‘T.R.M’, was an eclectic release. On this record, the band combined raw, adolescent anthems with sing-along, slow burners. The six track collection was full of stark honesty and an increasing maturity that allowed the band to grow on to the next stage of their career. Now, after the odd single here and there, the band continue to solidify their new style with, ‘A Better Place To Hide’.

The Tune

‘A Better Place To Hide’, bursts into life from the moment you press play. It’s a tune that doesn’t seem to go from verse to chorus, chorus to bridge. It just stumbles from place to place like a musical bar crawl, leaving a raucous trail of melody and song from wherever it cares to go.

The track is rife with observations of modern living for the twenty somethings who throw money into the pubs and clubs, constantly fall out with their other half and try to keep the good times going without going flat broke or taking it too far every other week… and failing miserably! The four-piece capture this whole way of living in a way that’s unique to them and fit all of it into a sweet groove as well, while their at it!

Wrapping It All Up!

‘A Better Place To Hide’, is a tune that clashes between your ears and demands to be heard. It’s messy and it’s smart; funny and sad. Hopefully soon we get an E.P or and album that can hold testimony to how far this band has come. However, with tunes like this to spin on repeat for the moment, we don’t mind the wait so much… for now, at least.

Don’t just take my word for it, have a listen for yourself!