A collection of tunes which ooze attitude and boast both talent and range. ‘U Serious Boi!?!’ is the 6 track EP from Fife band Shambolics and their latest release under Scruff of the Neck Records. The boys have collated the perfect mix of tunes to give the listener a true taste of what they are about, and is guaranteed to draw in listeners, new fans and dedicated followers alike.

There are ups and downs to the EP despite its limited track listing. The first third of the EP has two contrasting tunes to lead us in. The opener, ‘Like a Breeze’, features an infectious chorus, and is built up by the vocals and changes in tempo. Certainly a welcoming track for any listener, and one which will play in your head in the days to come, in the best possible way. Contrasting this lightness, there is a slower intro to the second track of the EP, as a gentle guitar makes its introductions to the song. ‘Living in Shadows’ features melodic vocals and harmonies to get lost in. There is a gentleness to the music, and a sombre tone to the track. This is in contrast to the affectionately named ‘Shams’ usual energy with which they have become synonymous, but a strong track which is exemplary of their range of talents.

The tempo is then dialled back up as ‘Take it or Leave It’ plays with its groovy intro. Enticing melodic vocals and a cleverly built chorus, this tune will not be out of place this summer. A pinch of pop added to the EP to get the feet moving. This leads on a high to the already fan favourite ‘Never Gonna Change’, which gives a nod to the Shambolics’ earlier releases. A fun track with cool guitars and steady drums and plenty of moments for fans to sing this back to the band, and also to cause mayhem when the beat kicks back in. An upbeat tone paired with accusing lyrics, infectious drums and entwining guitars, which make it near impossible to sit still.

Straight in to the next track we are hit with a recording of strong Scottish rock and roll. ‘What’s Going On In Your Head’ is the fifth track on the EP, and the energy is far from ending. The guitar riffs are rife in this tune and alongside the lyrics bring an enjoying sense of unease. The ringing questioning through the chorus is engaging, and to me the song is reminiscent of earlier tracks from fellow Scottish band The View.

Finally, the EP is closed with a live recording of ‘Sharp As A Razor’ at SWG3, Glasgow. A fitting way to close for a band who are made for the stage and loved live. The recording has captured a particular well known chant you will hear at any worthy gig in Glasgow, and the track itself features strong confronting vocals and lyrics paired with melodic background vocals. An energetic recording which makes you wish you had a gig coming up. A familiar rendition of “the Shams are on fire” brings the EP to a close.

Shambolics have recently performed to a wild crowd at Glasgow’s Garage, warming up for their UK Tour this May. Following from this these shows are sure to be just as explosive , and after listening to this latest release, why would you want to miss it?

Tickets can be purchased at the link below.