Dunbar based indie rock trio Never Now released their new single last Friday (2nd October 2020) and we’re here to make sure you didn’t miss it. ‘Better World’ is a punchy little anthem that speaks of hope for a better world. Still relatively new to the scene, the band have released a few singles this year that display a wide range of influences but have remained true to creating their own sound.

The group take inspiration from The Stone Roses, The Police and The Strokes which can all be heard musically as well as in the confidence they demonstrate in their own ability. The guitar heavy track strums along and is accompanied by Gallagher-esque vocals that tell tales of optimism and determination. The lyrics are paused occasionally to allow for twanging guitar solos which suit the tracks indie rock vibe well. The single also features the 90s inspired brit pop sounds of ‘To the Future’ as a B-side. This slower number is a continuum of the themes in ‘Better Word’, with darker undertones coming from their use of feedback. The track is capped off with a souring solo in the outro. The reoccurring theme of a better future on these two tracks is a testament to their artistic focus and song writing skills.

Never Now have been busy this year, with several releases keeping us going. Their high-energy track ‘Reminisce’ from July will be a huge crowd pleaser and had its own accompanying music video directed and produced by Only Roach Records. 

We look forward to the future and hearing Never Now play live when gigs are allowed and it’s a better world. Make sure you follow their socials linked below to keep up with their work.