Cahill//Costello – a Glasgow-based ambient duo of Kevin Cahill (guitarist/ composer) and Graham Costello (drummer/composer) – are preparing to drop their debut single; a somnolent soundscape of ambient guitar work and understated percussion.

IO II, named after one of Jupiter’s moons, is the result of an improvised session between Cahill and Costello and stands as their first recorded track together. The band serves as a vehicle for the duo’s minimalistic musical expression; an aesthetic fully explored on IO II.

Costello’s mercurial percussion shifts from pillow-soft to post-rock crescendos so subtly that it’s easily missed on first listen. The ringing cymbals and brushed snares are produced to perfection; rhythmic without being intrusive yet present enough to be missed when they’re absent.            

Across the track’s seven minutes Cahill’s yawning guitar disguises itself as pad-like synths and bright chiming bells with trilling delay-laden tremolo picking adding some urgency and texture to the tapestry. The unhurried chord changes lend a monastic solemnity that carries the track perfectly to its understated finale. 

IO II is a strong debut and will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Explosions in The Sky, early Sigur Ros, and works like Max Richter’s Sleep. As the duo incorporate more of their influences in their compositions they’ll surely create something unique to call their own.

IO II is released digitally on 6th November 2020.