EP REVIEW | Brontës | Element of Revival

The 3-track EP, Element of Revival, by Brontës featuring the tracks Radios & Don’t Ask Why. Also included is a remix of Radios by new electronic artist Roller Death Disco Party. Element of Revival will be available for streaming on 26th of April.

Element of Revival has a dancy feel throughout the drums and bass giving you loads of grooves throughout to keep your feet tapping. The songs are full of energy and if you don’t have the feeling to groove after the two songs by Brontës the remix included by Roller Death Disco Party will make you want to dance. 

Radios starts with a long intro full of effects and a radio sound sample layered in and a telephone filtered vocal added in to give an extra dimension. All building tension towards the first chorus where the track opens up to allow the main vocal enter which lyrically follows a similar theme sonically;  

“I can’t pick up the phone to call you, I don’t know what the outcome will be”

A big heavy four on the floor kick keeps all the instruments and various layers grounded, until half way through the track and then the band really open up and take the energy to the next level. 

Radios is full of lovely rhythms to keep you nodding along to the groove throughout.

Don’t Ask Why continues with the same theme, the bass doing a lovely job introducing the groove. The bridge is dark and moody and the layers of counter melodies work really well together creating the perfect storm of riffs and reverb. The chorus for Don’t Ask Why is much more driving and than the previous track.

Brontës songs on this release are full of cool collected swagger, it’s somehow dark and moody but also upbeat and full of energy. The Ep gives you a bit of everything you need whatever mood you’re in whether you’re feeling angsty or gleeful Element of Revival has you covered.  

The remix from Roller Death Disco Party is a great addition also giving a brand new dynamic to the already great track Radios. Provides a good dance feel the brand new project features member from Crash Club and definitely an artist to watch!

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