The Vegan Leather are back with a BANG and have put their disco pop-punk melodies into yet another feverish track that I am dying to see live. Released exactly one year after their debut album ‘Poor Girls/ Broken Boys’, the Paisley quartet have introduced us to the world that is within their latest single ‘Gloaming.’ Making use of an old Scottish word that means twilight, this track tells a devilish tale of atmospheric unlit nights and what may be hiding in the darkness, as scary as that might sound, they have still managed to create a track that will have you dance floor bond from start to finish.

This band are able to draw their audience in with each and every track, in ‘Gloaming’ this is done through the use of a glittering but eerie beat that builds as the track accelerates quickly into the chorus where the vocals seem to whirl. The Vegan Leather have given us a track to obsess over until their next one comes out. With ‘Gloaming’ being their first release of 2020, this is a new era for the Vegan Leather and it is starting off strong, this track was only a glimpse into what they have been working on and it is a force to be reckoned with!