Cali | Lewis McLaughlin

“Move to California, run away to Rome” something we can only dream of doing during times like these.  

Lewis Mclaughlin, the Edinburgh based musician, has made a name for himself traveling and performing around Scotland and Europe. A previous pupil of City of Edinburgh music school, Mclaughlin has crafted his musical talent, drawing influence from genres like folk and traditional music.  

Released on the 10th of July, Lewis Mclaughlin inspires freedom with his new single “Cali”. With the feel-good melody that has me resisting the urge to dance along- this is definitely a song for the road trip playlist!  

Usually accompanied by a traditional Scottish instrument like a fiddle or accordion, Mclaughlin has provided a more stripped-back track that gradually builds in instrumental layers. Starting with gentle acoustic guitars that combine mellow, pleasant fingerstyle with honest vocals. 

A gentle percussive, groove provided by the drums enhances the atmosphere in the track, perfect for tapping along on the steering wheel!  

Lyrically, “Cali” is a song that will resonate with any free spirit. Mclaughlin talks about taking each day as it comes having “nothing to fear” which is something we could all do a little more of.  

You can download and buy Lewis’ latest single “Cali” on Spotify, Bandcamp, apple music and iTunes. 

Make sure to follow Lewis on his socials to catch updates and his newest releases- not even lockdown has stopped Lewis from writing a track that is rich in cheerful ambience. Who’s in the mood for a road trip?