Rambunctious pop-punk at the highest velocity and intensity possible: This is Glasgow pop-punk outfit Misplaced at their most concise and clear cut on their new single ‘fuck that, i’m alright’

Pop-punk has seen an incredible and abrupt resurgence in recent years with the likes of Neck Deep running the show and with festivals like Slam Dunk gaining evermore popularity with every passing year and Glasgow pop punk four piece Misplaced have mastered what it means to write the perfect anthem, displaying the very strong possibility that their name will be high up on bills very soon.

With their utilization of heart-racingly quick drum patterns and the vocals that are not dissimilar to the stylings of Blink-182 in the early 2000s, the band are able to air out emotional grievances and the need to reassure the people around them that they’re okay on this track. The track, at no point, allows you to catch your breath as it never has to pick up any steam due to none of it being lost in the process, it is a perfect sonic example of being all go all of the time. It’s an anthem to throw down in the pit to and also one to aggressively catch your breath 5 minutes later. Whilst the track deals with topics such as slowly losing someone from your life, it is represented in a tone and tempo that is very much the antithesis of such an emotion, thus making it more digestible and relatable.

Misplaced are a group who have been slowly picking up steam since 2018, from sharing a producer with bands such as Moose Blood and ROAM to create an ever-changing style, often warm and familiar but has the potential to take incredibly emphatic, unapologetic avenues, the group are a force to be reckoned with.

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