It feels almost impossible to describe ‘Bring the Thunder’ as anything less than a fiercely energic. Jamie & Shoony, after extensive touring are gearing up to release their highly anticipated debut album in summer of 2020. ‘Bring the Thunder’ was a clever introduction into what we can expect from the album, a rock/rap mix that you never knew that you needed. The track speaks of mental health and that feeling of self-loathing, something that is easy to relate to during a global pandemic. However, with heavily distorted guitars riffs that bring the feeling of the track up, gives it a different edge and is something you will have on repeat! After being previously described as a mix between Rizzle Kicks and Jamie T, these guys can only go up in the world. With extensive experience in performing live, with multiple awards for their vigorous performances, ‘Bring the Thunder’ is another song to be added to the collection of belters that gets the crowd going!