Togetherness seems to be a thing of the distant past, a forgotten notion of unity between family and friends. A socially distanced smile and wave cannot recreate the warmth of an embrace, the only thing that unites us now is the collective misery spawning from endless days spent in isolation. It was this sense of melancholy that inspired The Alien Cormorant and Cecilia Miradoli to create “From My House to Your House.”

“Space contracts while our minds expand, creating images and sounds and it’s even freer to invent than before. My darker side arises, speaking of solitude and melancholic despair, mixing in fear but not without a light of hope.” -Cecilia Miradoli


Made up of five vastly different yet equally haunting pieces, this EP experiments with music beyond any predisposed norms. Every track utilises the instrumental accompaniment in such a unique way, playing with different instruments to set the emotional tone. The wavering emotional trajectory of the uncertainty of life is captured in the most raw and authentic way. Soul-stirring lyrics are fused so seamlessly with an unfathomable collection of sounds, from traditional instruments, to birdsong, to sultry whispers, and unnerving hums. Rarely am I moved to tears through music, but the arresting combination of haunting vocals and ambient accompaniment evoked an overwhelming emotion. Despite being shrouded in the beauty of the music, the emotional intentions are not at all minimised, and the unsettling tone of the EP amplifies the deeper messages within.

“Although these strange times have put restrictions on what we class as a normal way of life, there is also a lot more time to contemplate and be creative. This collaboration has sound-tracked my life for the last month and it has brought me much comfort and hope for the future. I hope the listener can experience this too” -The Alien Cormorant

The Alien Cormorant and Cecilia Miradoli

Perhaps the most striking aspect of “From My House to Your House” is that it was recorded in both Dundee and Milan. Distance separated each artist by over a thousand miles yet the sense of intimacy they have created is powerful. Born out of ideas shared in emails, and titled from graffiti that Miradoli witnessed in Milan, The Alien Cormorant and Cecilia Miradoli proved that despite being separated, it is possible to come together and create something magic even though it may not be in the traditional sense. The Alien Cormorant and Cecilia Miradoli are both vastly accomplished musicians in their own right, but what they have created together is a landmark moment in the growing genre of lockdown music.

Above all, they have released the EP on Bandcamp to raise funds for two charities, based in their respective cities. The IRCCS Fondazione Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico and Dundee Foodbank will receive all of the proceeds from EP sales. I highly encourage everyone to listen to this EP, not only for the charitable aspect but for the sheer beauty of it, it will widen your musical horizons and wrap itself around parts of your emotions that you haven’t even discovered yet.