Single Review | Jake Roberts | Friday Night Dancing

Jake Robert’s new single “Friday Night Dancing”, released on the 26th of November is one for the feel-good playlist.
Packed with catchy guitar melodies and stuck-in-your-head vocal hooks, Roberts has delivered a song that belongs in a movie soundtrack.

Composition wise, this track rolls with a steady, dancing-rhythm, drum beat that is accompanied by a repetitive guitar lick which encourages you to move to it. This solid foundation is met every so often with an energetic synth and stunning guitar tone over the top. Lyrically, Jake talks about keeping your head above the water when times are hard.

“Keep on shining till you see the light”

Using the art of dancing to free the mind and soul with a loved one when the going gets tough- a self-care tip we could all adopt and this song is perfect to dance along to!

Friday Night Dancing has pop/indie infused undertones, paired with a raspy, punk-esk vocal that give the song its own identity- you’d recognise it straight away. This track is softer in tone than the other releases of Jake’s which highlights his diversity as a musician and may only be a taste of what is to come.

This track carries an element of hope, looking forward to better times ahead. Musically, it encompasses all that you could ask for in a song- upbeat rhythm, catchy vocals and plenty opportunity for air guitar.
Check his links below to so you can listen to more of where that came from.