GRAVELLE made an impact on the scene with their previous single ‘Shedding Skin’ which caught the attention of Vic Galloway from BBC Radio Scotland and Abbie Gobeli from KEXP.

The single initially has your attention when it cuts in with its New Order like synth, followed by Kyle’s vocals which echo a haunting memory of Ian Curtis.

The song itself is something fresh for GRAVELLE compared to their previous release, none the less still enjoyable. The harmonies between both vocals show great contrast between the vocals and the synth and bass which seems to be constant throughout the single. ‘Waste Your Time’ ends feeling pretty powerful thanks to the buildup throughout the musical bridge. This is one to see live with their raw energetic vibes bouncing off each other, I imagine they’e ones to grasp your attention for the full gig.

If this is anything to go by then GRAVELLE will not disappoint with their future releases.

Their latest single is out on 30th January, check it out on their pages below



Or you can check it out in person at the Flying Duck, 30th January.

Tickets available here: