Often found behind the decks of some of the capital’s favourite intimate venues, DJ/production duo LF System can now be played on repeat via their debut EP ‘WiB.’

This house-heavy partnership are long-term resident’s of FLY Club’s weekly Friday night jaunt to Cabaret Voltaire. A friendship which has even seen them play at two installments of FLY Open Air alongside the likes of Sven Väth, Peggy Gou, Eclair Fifi and more huge names.

I’ve been sitting on these tracks for a while now, eager to spread the word, and as of 12AM this morning the full EP is now live across all major streaming platforms. Here’s the low-down on LF System’s debut release ‘WiB.’


Kicking off the new year, and decade, with not only a debut release, but under new label ‘Dealt With Records’ after years of live gigs certainly conveys a strong message that LF System plan to grab 2020 by the musical balls.

‘Weekend In Berlin’

As the title track suggests, the inspiration behind this track comes from a weekend spent in the city of Berlin making memories with mates. An atmospheric blend of deep house beats and delayed effects create the hazey sounds of a reflective montage in the making. The hi-hat rhythm carries us along nicely to the groovey bass overdub that keeps the track feeling upbeat and lively.

This tune leaks imagery of hazey nights turning to early morning spent club hopping around Berlin. The duo absorbing everything around them on their virginal experience of the renowned nightlife of the city. Every person, every DJ, every beat that they experienced is captured. 

‘It’s Always Been There’

Keeping to the running order of the boys’ city break we hear ‘It’s Always Been There.’ Following the previous track that captures the experience, this second soundscape describes the moments of reflection after their trip.

A light-hearted piano riff sets the reflective pace and is soon complimented by an old school house beat and melodic saxophone riff. Euphoric vocal samples fade in and out over the top. A characteristic reminiscent of early 90’s Chicago house and giving the track it’s rougher edge compared to ‘Weekend in Berlin.’ A strong track overall that alludes the listener to the duo’s wider influences and ability to dabble with various genres and styles.

A debut release can be a nerve-wracking moment for any artist, but in the case where they already have an established and highly-respected live presence , there’s a little extra pressure. Can they capture the essence of their live sound in a recording? Will their production style carry a totally different vibe to their DJ style? And of course, the age old toss-up of not all good DJs being good producers and vice versa. 

However, I think that LF System have made a solid debut into their new recording venture. Keeping to their house roots but delving into deeper, more melodic grounds has paid off. Showing that their talents go beyond the dancefloor. 

Stream WiB here on Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Keep up to date with Dealt With Records’ latest releases via https://www.dealtwithrecords.com/