Artists United Collective come together for #saveourvenues  

Artists United Collective are a group of 18 up-and-coming bands and artists who have come together in aid of Music Venue Trust’s #saveourvenues campaign and recorded a cover of The Farm’s 1991 hit, All Together Now. Its brilliant to see so many of our favourite artists like Jamie Webster, Rianne Downey and Shambolics (to name a few) all working together to raise funds for such an important cause.

Although the return of live music in sight, the UK’s live venues have suffered greatly since they were forced to close their doors in March last year. Music Venue Trust highlight 556 venues at risk of closure and they remain determined to open every venue safely, however 20 of them remain on The Red List facing immanent permanent closure.

All Together Now is recorded by 18 artists from across the UK who are hoping to change that, each of them putting in time and energy to save the industry that gave them their voices. All profits from the single will go directly to the Music Venue Trust.  

CEO of Modern Sky UK, Dave Pichilingi commented: “We’ve so much music talent around the UK and, simply, they will have nowhere to grow if we lose live venues. It’s a battle that we’re very much in together, so recording a new version of ‘All Together Now’ with some of the artists that have come through, and still love playing our at-risk venues made perfect sense. This summer brings hope in music, football, vaccines, festivals and sunshine and this anthem fits that sense of optimism.”

The cover offers a message of hope and unity at a time where it’s really needed. The anti-war anthem has been used in numerous ways over the last two decades from football games to Labour rallies, but today the idea of unity is more important than ever. This cover is sure to lift your spirits and tug on your heart strings, click here to listen to it.

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