The Fratellis | Need a Little Love (Rudimental Remix) | Single Review

The Fratellis are a Glasgow indie band best known for their hit singles “Chelsea Dagger” and “Whistle for the Choir”. On the 12th of February 2021, the group released their single “Need a Little Love” and on the 8th of May, the group shared a remix of the song in collaboration with Rudimental.

The song’s intro is incredibly catchy and gets you hooked on the piece instantly. The melodies you are greeted with are the kind you catch yourself singing along to. Not only is the track upbeat and joy bringing, but it is also relaxing with its laid-back drumming and soothing vocals. Lead singer John Fratellis truly has a one-of-a-kind voice that works wonderfully with the song.

The remix truly has a laid-back summer feel and brings a positive atmosphere during these difficult times. The only downside of the song is that the remixed version is two minutes shorter than the original. The track’s great sound really makes you eager to hear more.

Overall, the Rudimental Remix of the Fratellis’ “Need a Little Love” is definitely worth a listen and will get you in a great mood. The catchy melody and upbeat sound is the joyful combination we needed during these strange times. Fans will definitely be looking forward to what’s next from the Fratellis after hearing this remix.