What do you do in the Scottish Music Scene?

I do loads of different things all over – I run a management, promotions and physical-based record company called Classy Lassy. I work with predominately up and coming artists to develop a radio and press presence and really nurture the early releases of their career. So far I’ve worked with artists such as Indoor Foxes, Dictator, Konner, Paris Street Rebels and many more! I also run a regular compilation called Classy Lassy & Friends where I collaborate with other artist managers and music scene gurus to create a limited edition mixtape all in honour of Scottish Mental Health charity SAMH. 

What made you want to get involved?

For about 5 years I was a musician and in 2020 I came out as non binary and changed my name to Lou and I felt like still performing under a woman’s name and a woman’s image was a little bit too much for my mental health so I took all my knowledge of being in the music industry to working in music business and I’ve never been as happy as I am now!

What’s the best thing about the Scottish Music Scene?

It’s such a community where everybody knows everybody which is great – I’m from Fife which isn’t exactly the first place you think of when you think of Scotland – from working with loads of different artists and being a musician I’ve been able to make connections with people all over the country which is amazing! 

Did anybody help you get started in the Scottish Music Scene?

I’ve had tonnes of support from the people of Dunfermline music scene (where I’m from) from the promoters behind our local venue PJ Molloys and the team at Outwith Festival to the abundance of amazing folk on the music scene – I’ve got miles and miles of advice and different perspectives.

Who inspires you in the Scottish Music Scene?

The ladies in Scottish radio! From producers Catrina Rose and Amy Ferguson to show hosts Janice Forsyth and Phoebe I-H they’re all amazing women with amazing views who are all passionate about not only the Scottish music scene but the Scottish creative industry as a whole! 

Who’s your favourite Scottish Artist?

So many. I obviously love my roster of my artists! Some personal favourites outside my roster at the moment are Pretty Preacher’s Club, Vansleep, Weekend Debt and I’m super excited to see what new Glasgow band Uninvited are going to come out with!

What advice would you give to somebody wanting to get involved?

You really don’t need to go to school for music business – I spent quite a bit of time stressing that I didn’t have any real life qualifications in music business! It certainly helps if you have it but if you don’t feel that school is right for you then get stuck in and asks bands and people in the industry if you can help – shy wains don’t get sweeties as they say! 

Things to avoid doing when starting out in the music industry?

Don’t compare yourself to others! It can be so, so, so, so easy to compare what you’re doing to other people because any money the people you’re comparing yourself to are also comparing themselves to others! 

The best bit of advice you’ve received? 
Don’t take anything too seriously! Have fun and have a laugh! Post a meme on your business page if you really want to!