Craig Weir and the Cabalistic Cavalry flaunt their proficiency in regards to riffs as well as eloquently dance around the listener’s ears with lyricism at the height of human relatability on emphatic 2nd EP ‘Reflections and Revelations’

As the title of the EP would suggest, it explores the thematic elements of looking inward at one’s self as well as understanding the stock that must be placed in others to maintain human relationships and, with the world being the way it is at the moment, many of us have been granted the luxury (or detriment) of being at one with ourselves and our thoughts. Recorded between Dundee and Los Angeles, the band present an offering that is nothing short of innovate and reflective.

The bombastic opener, titled ‘No Second Chances’ allows Craig to display the full range of his vocal inflections, often at times breaking into a colloquial manner of speaking before the sparkling and exciting chorus comes into effect. All this whilst being backed up by an effective riff, a glaring and positive aspect throughout the entire runtime of the EP, which makes for a well-rounded sonic experience. The stamina and momentum is carried on in the EP’s second track ‘Ain’t What It Seems’, a track with an optimistic tinge and attitude regarding traversing life’s challenges, regardless of how difficult this might seem to be in the moment. The second half of this project is a bit more on the mellow side with acoustic guitars being implemented to their most effective extent. The track ‘Saviour’ presents this as Craig is asking for someone to guide him along the right path as he experiences the plethora of emotion that comes with being a human, something that has been a very interesting point of conversation in a time where instances of human interaction have been few and far between. The EP rounds off with the track ‘Mirrors’, an emotionally driven track that could only have ever been the project’s closer as it encapsulates everything that this journey has presented us with.

With a powerful vocal lead, riffs constructed to please the ears to their fullest extent and drum work that can invigorate the slowest of heartbeats, the band are only on an upwards trajectory and this EP, as a complete body of work, displays all of the group’s strengths as effectively as it possibly could.