Although fans have heard most of the songs featured on the EP, the newly released opening title-track, Powerlines, is a perfect capsule of feeling good. The jangly, pop guitar melodies and laid-back feeling in the vocals gives listeners a sense of freedom when listening to the track and can only be used as a perfect and exemplary introduction to the rest of the EP. Lead singer Rob Ellis explained that the song was about finding escapism form the current world and the state that it’s in. The band have also released a new music video alongside the track and the video directly idealises and represents the feeling that the song brings; 90’s summer days with your friends in a drop-top car. Pure nostalgia. 

Somehow, each song on the EP conveys the same feeling and mood whilst also maintaining a uniqueness and distinct clarity between every track. Second track, Do Right feels like it’s been taken straight out of a feel-good indie film. The insanely interesting and catchy chorus on Do Right is destined to make you dance about your room singing along to the relatable lyrics. For me, Do Right is the most impressive track on the EP, as it encapsulates the overall feeling and talent of the band as a whole, while simultaneously bringing something new and fresh to listeners with each play of the song. Lead singer Rob’s vocals are strong and raspy on the track which helps contribute to the euphoric feeling it leaves with you. 

The third song on the EP, Driving, is funky and captivating. The track shows that Cassia are very aware of how to lift spirits through their songs and create cheerful and sparkling music. Bassist Lou Cotterill and drummer Jacob Leff deliver us a positive atmosphere with their consistently impressive playing. Driving is a very comforting and soothing song with a lack of repetitiveness or mediocrity.

Previously, Cassia have been nominated for Best Live Act at the AIM Awards alongside IDLES and DMA’s. And with that same energy that is so intoxicating at their concerts, they released Powerlines. Fans have certainly enjoyed new content and sounds from the band but the earlier released track Don’t Make A Scene proved to be the public’s favourite as Radio 1 presenter Annie Mac announced it to be her Hottest Record of The Week, and rightfully so. Once again, the refined and individualistic sound of the track allows listeners to easily identify it’s Cassia hitting it out the park…once again. No matter the state of the world, we can always find an escape in some feel-good indie pop.

Stream the guys’ new EP and check out their Limited Edition 10” Powerlines Vinyl. 

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