Manchester four-piece Pale Waves further cement themselves as the faces of their particular brand of exciting and reminiscent indie-pop on new track ‘Fall to Pieces’

Relationships are difficult. It can be a challenge to not go back to the same old arguments about the same old things when you’re in the thick of it. This track addresses such an experience and details the thought process that surrounds it with an incredibly admirable level of candour and emotional maturity.

Beaming with infectious choruses and clear production that allows every layer to present itself to the listener with a vibrant and nostalgic confidence, the track does incredibly well to create a juxtaposition between sonic landscape and vocals whilst expressing the toxic argumentative cycle that often leaves relationships hanging by a thread. Front-woman Heather Baron-Gracie’s presence can be felt in an impactful manner on every single second of the track with her distinct and punchy vocals effortlessly transitioning from a narrative tone to belting on the chorus. One can only imagine that this track, upon the return of the live music sphere, will be met with an eruptive level of crowd-participation from a fanbase who have found themselves in the band’s unwavering vision of acceptance and unity.

The band are set to release their much-buzzed about sophomore record, titled ‘Who Am I?’ on the 12th of February with a tour that is hoped to be going ahead in February of 2022. The group’s creative vision continues to be honed and perfected, without losing a single ounce of their authenticity and this track is absolutely no exception.