With a tremendous amount of candour and a seemingly endless amount of charisma and personality, Charlie Clark re-evaluates the many issues that are preventing him from getting his life together on a single that offers a tremendous and impactful glimpse of his new direction, Don’t Have a Cow, Man!

With an infectious indie-pop flair, we are presented with a jangly riff that sounds like something from a record by The Beach Boys. When we are presented with Charlie’s unique and breezy delivery of lyrics that are very much the antithesis to the positivity that the sonic landscapes exudes. Laying out the personal problems that he is facing for the listener, including descriptions of guilt from a night of substance abuse and the things that he cannot seem to live without (caffeine, nicotine, cocaine), we are given a candid description of how these substances affect him through an incredibly desirable and catchy hook. The track ends in a fitting fashion with a round of applause which seems to indicate how his honesty about his problems on this track will bring nothing but positive results and this catharsis is an energy that runs through the entire song.

Charlie Clark is due to release a record titled ‘Late Night Drinking’ later in the year and is set to be the first release of Alan McGee’s label ‘It’s Creation Baby!’ which will be sure to provide more of the incredibly honest song-writing and composition-savvy flair that this track has accustomed us to.