Single Review | Pedalo | Lighter

Lighter single artwork

A track I’ve had on repeat since its release.

Glasgow quintet Pedalo return with their fourth single, and their second of 2024. Following on from recent track ‘Mystery‘, latest track ‘Lighter‘ hopes to add to the success, acclaim and popularity of previous 2023 tracks ‘Halfway House‘ and ‘Better‘.

While ‘Lighter‘ plays for an average duration of three and a half minutes, it is definitely not an average song. One of the main things about Pedalo that stands them apart from other local and emerging talents is their versatility. With each of the four singles currently released, there are a range of moods and tempos, drawing from what the band have described as an “eclectic melting pot of influences“. However with each different style, there is an easily identifiable sound that is unmistakably their own.

Lighter‘ adds to this vividly versatile approach with a level of haunting vocals and a slower, calmer yet transcending style of playing. Accompanying the mood-shifting music in this latest track are words written by the band: Nick Eadie, Charlotte Stuart, Beth Mackenzie, Calum Steel and Callum Geddes. The vocalisation of these lyrics as well as the music accompanying is unique and beautiful to listen to. Carefully constructed phrases including one of my favourite lines “your words are so filling and I’ve been starved for days” are so vibrantly vocalised, bringing every word to life.

Lighter‘ showcases each of Pedalo’s individual instrumental efforts incorporated in a way that doesn’t sound overpowering or undermining. It is a track I’ve had on repeat since its release. It’s a song that you can never get enough of, and listening to it multiple times gives you the chance to fully appreciate the song, the talent and the words within it. ‘Lighter‘ is such a gorgeous track and in addition to their mesmerising mixture of melodies, I’m excited to see what Pedalo come up with next.