It’s been a long 6 years since Canadian rockers visited Glasgow and we cannot wait to welcome back the legendary Nickelback

 The 4 piece band who have been going since 1995 will be playing Glasgow’s biggest venue the OVO Hydro on 16th May, and I am sure it will be packed given their last visit was back in 2018!

 A lot has happened since then…with lockdowns, closures of gigs and music venues, and limited travel but we are ready to welcome back Nickelback as they’ve took the time to write new music such as ‘San Quentin’ and a song to capture fond memories from the past with ‘Those Days’ both featured in their newest album! “Get Rollin’!”
Not only that but they’ve also been super creative releasing a new movie recently – “Hate To Love: Nickelback.”

The ‘Get Rollin’ World Tour’ will be one not to miss as they share their new music but one of my favourite reasons why I love this band is given they’ve been together since 1995 and are still going strong so you are bound to hear some of your absolute favourite songs that will transport you back in time! 

They are most known for and made a breakthrough across the UK and music industry across the world with their hit ‘This Is How You Remind Me’ which was released back in 2002.

 And they are still making absolutely belters of songs and albums! This is a gig that will be full of nostalgia, a trip back in time with heartwarming memories, as well as an insight into their new music and a chance to hear it live first!! 

If you’ve never heard of them before they are a rock band that will hit you in the feels and stir up emotion with beautiful upbeat ballads like ‘Gotta Be Somebody’ to passionate and raw emotion that screams out of songs like ‘Savin’ Me’. 

 Now it won’t all be tears of emotion but in true rock ‘n’ roll fashion they creatively bring us those songs that turn the temperature of things up with catchy riffs and spicy lyrics with hit songs like ‘Animal’ or ‘Burn It To The Ground’

This is a gig we cannot wait to be at, and you don’t wanna miss it! Get your tickets for the Glasgow show and the other dates for the U.K here, and ‘Get Rollin’! We will see you there!