Photo by Murron Gallagher

On the 26th of April, Brontës played their headline show at The Rum Shack in Glasgow and they were loud about it!

The 5 Piece indie-rock band performed their set featuring songs in their debut EP Element of Revival, released on the day of their set, establishing a special night for all!

The band members swiftly made their way on stage and started the night off with Radios, the first song on their EP. The upbeat tone of the drums perfectly coincided with the rhythm guitar leading into the angsty vocals, whilst still keeping an upbeat spirit, ultimately setting the tone for the rest of their performance.

Their funk alternative drive was carried throughout the upbeat and choppy riffs of the lead guitarist creating a fun component to their sound, led by the rhythm of the guitar building up to a loud rock and roll performance.

The band brought out a violinist, which added a fun and surprising twist to their popular single Down To You, adding a harmonic element amongst the funky sound, Brontës executed this flawlessly through melodic rhythmic beats.

Playing new songs with a crowd can be a strenuous task with fans, but the band managed to keep the crowd alive with their fiery stage presence, keeping the crowd engaged and psyched for each song they performed. 

Photo by Murron Gallagher

With their ‘last’ song the bands’ melodic tunes drifted into their funky rhythms. The deliberate pauses in the drums created a feeling of anticipation and excitement across the crowd, causing some serious head banging and dancing along to the beat of the song.

The band soon exited the stage and with anticipation from the crowd pleading for one last song, the band returned to close the night with their single Groove, showcasing the ultimate funky alternative style that the band strives for. The tremolo picking from lead guitar in the post chorus amped the crowd in hollers and you could feel the energetic atmosphere, with the band jumping up and down with the crowd to the last few lyrics, ending the night in a memorable moment.

Taking inspiration from other funky alternative bands, Brontës executed their debut EP phenomenally, ensuring a night that fans will never forget!

If you have a chance to see Brontës perform, they were spectacular at putting on a show that is very worth watching!