Album Review | Anchor Lane | Call This A Reality?

On the January 27th 2023, Scottish Hard Rock band Anchor Lane released their Sophomore album “Call This A Reality?”, which is a follow up to their 2020 debut, “Casino“. Coming in at just under 40 minutes, the three-piece deliver with an onslaught of heavy guitars, hard-hitting drums, and soaring vocals.

Things get kicked off with Stutter, the first single, the boys instantly grab your attention with an infectious guitar riff, a catchy chorus, and heavy drumwork that let’s you know that the band means business from the beginning.

The band keep the momentum going with Ministry, which shows their how well written their song are, with infectious lyrics, great instrumental work, and an amazing bridge section.

Next up is the title track, Call This a Reality?, which includes one of the many great examples of the superb drumwork on this album, while also having one of the best choruses the band has ever done.

Nitroglycerin is my personal favourite song on the album, with heavy riffs, great vocal work, and vicious drumwork. The lyrical and structural writing is also very strong on this song.

I’ve Been Waiting opens with eerie synths before going into a heavy section. This song has my personal favourite chorus on the album alongside very strong drumming.

Next up is The Mischievous Song, which is a more obvious upbeat song. The song has a more soft and almost funky sound at the beginning, before having a more pop rock chorus and a Hard Rock bridge with a great guitar solo.

Choke was the final single on the album. The song has a Punk vibe, particularly Green Day, and has is alot more fast-paced than the rest of the album. Electric Karma has a 70s Rock n Roll feel to it and is a very fun song with standout bass, a great chorus, and a solid heavy bridge with a very good guitar solo. Bitter is a slower song with thick guitars and has a great atmosphere.

The Static is an interlude track with an eerie piano which leads into Sychophant Disorder, which features alot of electronics, heavy guitarwork, and my favourite vocal performance on this release.

The album comes to an end with the second single, I don’t have another soul to pour. This is a great closer with great verses, a catchy chorus and standout performances from every member.

Overall this is a very good Sophomore release that displays a multitude of influences, its 70s & 80s influences as well as more recent bands like Royal Blood the band have focused these influences into a distinct sound. It is a loud and heavy album that I would recommend to any fans of modern rock and old school Rock n Roll.