Single Review | Brooke Combe | Black Is The New Gold

Combe’s voice is smooth and makes very easy listening throughout this new track.

Gone are the days, I find myself asking if it’s right“, are the lyrics that kickstart this powerful track. Combe has a really unique talent when it comes to writing lyrics. She is able to make us think about the things we’ve known and lived with for so long, becoming complacent.

This track describes certain ways of life that have only started to change in recent times, particularly the treatment of minority groups. “Black is the new gold“, emphasises the importance in supporting the talent and beauty in everyone, not just who campaigns and record labels think will be successful.

The Edinburgh singer’s latest single is one that pushes self-empowerment and self-acceptance. The lyrics paint the image of not changing or forgetting who you really are, “I’m not gonna lose myself this time“. Combe also discusses the concept of living as the person other people expect or want us to be, “we’re given freedom, to play the role“. This plays into the idea that society has a place for us to fit into, but this isn’t always the “role” we want to play.

Combe’s voice is smooth and makes very easy listening throughout this new track. She has a unique and interesting voice that draws you in, encouraging you to listen. The song’s simple but catchy melody forces the words Combe is singing to create more of an impact.

You can see Brooke Combe perform this newest track alongside her others this year. She is touring the UK, including Glasgow’s Queen Margaret Union in May and TRNSMT festival in July. The Edinburgh local is not someone you want to miss.