RISING STAR: Rianne Downey released her debut single in February. Picture by Gaelle Beri

One month after her debut single release, Fuel to the Flame, and Rianne Downey has struck again with a fierce follow-up, Stand My Ground. Her stunningly classic voice, boasting vibrato that could match the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, delivers a charmingly simple yet bold song that demands attention. 

Knocked down by toxic relationships, the Glaswegian folk singer brushes off her knees and brandishes a sincere middle-finger to all those who have done her wrong. Stand My Ground, although deceivingly sweet, uncovers the important voice of feminine power; an introspective spark to remedy societal issues. 

Downey shares her resilient message through an innocent, upbeat track with a country-style hue. Similarly, the drums keep things energetic by playing train beat pattern throughout. Their driving sound paints the idea of moving forward, leaving the past behind. Despite her age, Downey’s writing is well mellowed. It’s as if she’s already a household name, yet with her own contemporary edge. 

Rianne Downey is breaking into the scene with impressive momentum. Listen to Stand My Ground here.