Echo Machine is staking their claim to the synth-pop genre with their new single ‘Last Action Hero’, the second single release from their second record Accidental Euphoria set to release on 15th March. This new single is described by the band as “a song about dreamy late night, half-pissed public transport travel, where you zone out and look into the reflection in the window and imagine it being an alternative universe that you can melt into, finding new versions of yourself and the world.” This description and the song itself fits perfectly into the realm of euphoria. Gary Moore’s vocals bring a slightly rougher, more rock sound to the song but accompanied with the high-pitched notes of the synthesiser, it suspends the listener into that alternate universe. Its lyrics have undertones of an existential reckoning: Shake me awake, take me with you, I’ve always dreamed I could be someone else. It also has striking lines such as “I’m soft-boned. I’m plural. I’m turning into something new” that are both unsettling and exciting as they focus inwardly. Overall, it’s a fast-paced and fun listen and an effective track to create anticipation for a full album.