Having been recently nominated at the SAMA’s (Scottish Alternative Music Awards) for ‘Best Rock/ Alternative’ act, Dead Pony have proven they are well-deserving of this nomination due to the fact every track has different elements that make every release a momentous experience for everyone following them. From ‘Sex Rich’ to ‘Everything is Easy’, Dead Pony bring IT every time and ’23, Never Me’ is not different!

’23, Never Me’ is about your toxic ex-best friend’. The track puts forward the message that it is okay to stop associating with people you have outgrown and free yourself from the toxicity that they bring when they are around. Released via Lab Records, this track has endless amounts of energy. The lyrics are fierce and unapologetic and are accompanied by front woman, Anna Shields, distinctive rallying vocals which makes the build up to the chorus menacing. Much like their friends, The Ninth Wave and Walt Disco, Dead Pony are going high speed towards stardom!

Check it out below!