Uninvited make a strong debut.

Uninvited are an all-girl alt-rock fourpiece hailing from Dundee and Glasgow, and they have just unleashed their debut single Tomboy.  

The brand-new track is equal parts catchy and empowering. Sonically it is melodic and summery; featuring steady drums, velvety vocals and a chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head all day, what’s not to love?

The lyrics are deep and personal, they tell the story of the band’s experience growing up queer, struggling with sexuality and identity. Vocalist / bassist Taylor-Ray Dillon commented: “When Gill and I wanted to start the band a few years ago, I said ‘We should have a song called ‘Tomboy’. I thought the name was cool, I wanted to write a song called ‘Tomboy’ and then we forgot about it. Until last year, when Gill mentioned that she’d been writing ‘Tomboy’. When writing the lyrics, I thought of the things that I did when I was growing up – I literally joined a football team to meet gay girls.”

Unfortunately, the music industry (and specifically the indie scene) is still very much male dominated. Year after year we continue to see sexism in the industry, predominantly male festival line-ups, and are told that ‘there aren’t enough talented female musicians in the scene’ or ‘women in music are simply just less talented than their male counterparts’. Uninvited are here to prove these claims wrong, they are being the change they want to see and pushing the LGBTQ+ conversation with statement of intent Tomboy.

You can click here to listen to Tomboy. We will be keeping an eye on the alt fourpiece and look forward to seeing what comes next.

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