Alex Thom has struck with a debut single so unshakable that it’s near impossible to only listen once. After initially introducing herself into the music scene through a multitude of features, the electronic-pop singer/producer has finally shared her very own sound. Wise Woman is an upbeat, impassioned track, energised through honest emotion.  

“I want Wise Woman to have a personal meaning to every listener. Whether that be in line with my own meaning, or perhaps a different meaning. Regardless, my goal is to make every listener feel empowered.”

Alex puts her evocative lyrics and flawless vocals bravely to the forefront, supported from behind by delicate harmonies. Consequently, her build up of anguished energy becomes contagious; captured within an alluringly minimal track that’s built around a bright, repeated synth line. Then a chorus unleashes, full of charge. It’s deep, pulsating bass line opens the track up further and pulls you in with it.

Wise Woman is a track that invites itself inside your head and immediately locks the door.

 Listen to it here now.