Glasgow’s rising stars release another massive single

If you haven’t already heard Glasgow’s Uninvited made a striking comeback at the end of last month with brand-new single ‘Behind The Back Door’. The newcomers have made quite the first impression with their releases ‘Diet Cigarette’ and ‘Tomboy’ and this year they are back and on brilliant form.

Their noisy new offering ‘Behind The Black Door’ is a mission statement. Infectious guitar riffs and rattling percussion are topped with uncompromising lyrics like “fuck gender roles” and “protect the trans kids”. The vocal delivery is brilliant throughout the duration of the track and the singalong hooky chorus is guaranteed to be massive live.

In a predominantly male dominated scene, it is especially important to push the LGBTQ+ conversation and that is just what Uninvited are here to do. Dissatisfied by the current political climate this band have a lot to say, and their attention grabbing new single ensures that you are listening!

The band commented: “It’s one of the first ever songs we wrote as a band, and over the years, it has just gotten bigger and better. We immediately knew we wanted to wait before bringing this song out as it is such an important message that we are trying to get across, and the fact that song is still relevant in today’s current political climate proves that we can’t stop speaking out about the government and its incompetence. We’re here to make noise.”

Don’t forget to listen to the new single below and follow Uninvited on all the socials!

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