Edinburgh/London rockers Daytime TV release their final single off their upcoming debut album Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching.

If you haven’t jumped on the Daytime TV bandwagon yet, now is definitely the time- named as one of Rock Sound‘s Breaking Through Artists for the Future and having supported huge acts such as Two Door Cinema Club and The LaFontaines, they’re sure to be ones to watch in 2022.

Side By Side is the final of four singles to be released ahead of their album- a wistful, bittersweet telling of a relationship that is fighting to survive, but that ultimately isn’t meant to be. It’s a reluctant acceptance that life has come to a fork in the road where you’re not going in the same direction, a heartbreaking feeling that is relatable on many levels.

“In moments we’re bulletproof, but only when we’re side by side” says it all really. When you’re face to face with someone you can almost always talk it through and find a way to laugh about it. That doesn’t work if you’re chasing something else in your life that pulls you away. It’s a very raw song for us and one that tells a very real story.

Will Irvine, Daytime TV

The track opens with some light, hopeful guitar that launches into a verse with a driving drum beat and layers of movement- this is juxtaposed against a much heavier half-time chorus. The hook is catchy, and with a familiar rock ballad type sound this song is sure to get stuck in your head.

Side By Side is out now, and you can click here to presave Daytime TV‘s debut album Nothing’s On But Everyone’s Watching, out February 25th! Make sure to follow their socials for updates on releases and future gig announcements!