Edinburgh based indie rock band The Super Moons are back with their latest release ‘Misunderstood’. The band have a tagline on their socials which sums their sound up perfectly – “Bringing no nonsense maturity to the Scottish Indie scene”.

From the get go the perfectly bold guitar riffs capture the listener, whilst the bass and drums feel out the groove of the tune. A perfect combination in the first few seconds before the smooth vocals kick in to totally absorb you into the track. The riffs become all so familiar throughout the track and are the highlight of the tune for me, adding interest, and a lightness contrasting the depth of the bass working through the single. These elements combine to create a moody tone which has the listener hanging on to every word, beat, strum of the guitar.

From my own perspective, the lyrics seem to speak of being taken the wrong way, however in contrast the single is put together in a mature and confident manner. Works by the likes of The Yardbirds and The Doors do come to mind, and are also listed by the band as influential sources. Overall, the tune as a whole is pleasantly moody and seems to scratch an itch you didn’t know you had.

If you’d fancy hearing the track live, the band are playing Dunoon’s Doon the Watter Revival Festival this summer, alongside an eclectic line up. Keep up to date with the band on their social media links below and stream ‘Misunderstood’ from May 26th!