The emerging Glaswegian rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Stoned Immaculate have again dropped another absolute hit- which comes as no surprise to me after the success of their previous singles “Simmer” , “Don’t run you’re caught” and most recently “Festival”


In typical Stoned Immaculate style, the listener is instantly hooked by the raucous and prominent bassline complimented by the rugged electric guitar and powerful and relatable lyrics. The tune showcases the bands versatility through crisp vocals and experimental guitar riffs sure to rock any mosh pit across the country,.

photo by @lensyhenry on instagram

The flawlessly crafted raw and honest lyrics speak of all the trials and tribulations of a classic night out “getting onnit” as well as insomnia and lack of happiness. From the highs to the classic comedown – it covers everything. The lyrics are what really make this song special as I feel many Scottish young people – or those young at heart – can connect with them.

I feel the banger also has a deeper meaning as frontman Louis Jamieson sings of how he is “yet to find happiness” as well as how he is here there and everywhere and how he cannot sleep. This is what i feel makes the tune so special as he is taking the traditional night out and fusing it with emotion – reminding us that being out of it is not always a source of happiness as much as it may be fun at the time.

“i’m here, i’m there, i’m everywhere,

I’m yet to find happiness,

I’m over the moon, and you’re here too

The highly anticipated single is the perfect teaser for their upcoming EP. I guarantee that “Coming Through” will be automatic hit among Scottish music fans. It is again a fine example of the talent we have flooding out of Scotland and also the ever growing punk explosion coming from Glasgow.

The quartet drop their first ep “Nah” on June 20th on all major platforms. Be sure to presave it here:

Album artwork by Erin Mae Mcevoy

Make sure to keep up to date with the band and what they’re getting up to on social media – you wont regret it!