“Plasmas” are a five-piece Indie-synth band from Dundee. The group released their debut single “Overblown” in 2018 and have since then had three more tracks, “Spark”, “Next Place” and “closer”. With collaborations from Magnum Haus, former drummer for Model Aeroplanes and producer Guy Galactic, “Look & See” is bound to be something special.

The song begins with a gripping and upbeat intro that instantly grabs your attention. Guitar, bass, drums and synth all play a part in this attention pulling intro. The ambient synth mixed with punchy guitar creates a contrast that is almost nostalgic in a way and instantly sets the tone for the rest of the track.

The vocal melody matches this tone by sounding almost haunting in a mesmerising way. This use of melody combined with the punky guitar and synthesiser creates a unique sound that is almost like modern indie meets the 80s. The groups sound is truly one of a kind and interesting to listen to.

Following the verse is an explosive and catchy chorus. The track is upbeat and energetic which is great for a live setting and keeping listeners engaged.

The song ends with a a big outro filled with energy and is incredibly loud in the best way possible. The ending of the song leaves you wanting more and makes the track memorable.

In terms of lyrics, the groups lead guitarist Conor McBay wrote the tracks entire instrumental. Lead singer, Ross McQueen was inspired by the unique atmosphere of the track when creating the lyrics. He states that “There’s kind of like a call and reply thing going on with the lyrics. In the verses it’s pretty full on and direct about how I was feeling, but the main hook, “Only when the sun is shining through you…” comes from a place within that knows it will pass over. You can’t expect to feel bright all the time.” This quote clearly shows the lyrics being about emotions. This theme matches the songs moody tonality perfectly.

Overall, Plasmas create music that is one of a kind. “Look & See” is explosive in energy and has a unique sound and tonality that match the lyrics perfectly. The track is definitely work a listen and will leave you eager to hear more for the group.