‘Barely Dreaming’ is the second single from musician-turned-producer Marcel Moliner through his most recent project, NICE HUMANS. Barely Dreaming comes after the first single, One by One, which set the bar high with contagious rhythms and irresistible vocals. This next single is shorter but manages to entice its listeners and maintain the same energy. The track was realised last Friday and has proved to be the perfect soundtrack to hazy days spent in the sun. 

Barely Dreaming begins with brooding synths and goes on to introduce soft and soothing vocals coming from Alana Carew. With the two combined, we are gifted with a sound which is both delicate and dynamic. The tracks progression is invigorating, taking the listener on a journey through syncopated rhythms weaved into groovy guitars. It’s a true demonstration of high-quality musicianship. With influences coming from Massive Attack, Radiohead, Gorillaz and possibly Portishead, the experimental direction has paid off greatly. Speaking of the track, Marcel said, ‘it lulls the listeners into a highly atmospheric world that sends shivers down your spine,’ which we thought was a wonderfully accurate description of such a stimulating tune. 

All of Marcel’s recordings are made in his small home studio in Edinburgh, where singers from Australia and Spain have featured on his tracks. A ten-track album is set to be released soon followed by a tour with a live band made up of talented musicians local to Edinburgh. Marcel describes his music as ‘riding that fine line between synthetic and organic, trying to find a small light in a big darkness, so the music is dark, but with hope’.

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