Single Review | New Town | Main Street

Main Street single artwork

New Town reminisce on more simple times with newest single, Main Street.

New Town are a four-piece alternative and indie band from Glasgow who recently released their debut EP ‘Lost In The City‘ in January 2023. The band is fronted by David James on vocals who is accompanied by Kieran Smith on guitar, Euan Maclonan on drums, and Rob Haggerty on bass.

Musically, the track sounds similar to songs like ‘Dive‘ by Fatherson and is also like ‘Spark‘, a song from New Town’s EP. ‘Main Street‘ paints a picture of a relationship in a similar way to previously released song, ‘Sail Away’. The song tells us a story of only seeing the positives in a relationship which hinders our ability to see the reality of the situation, and the things that aren’t so good.

Rose tainted colours” is repeated at different times throughout the song. It emphasises the primary theme, being excessively optimistic of a scenario that is anything but positive. The lyrics “keep me from moving on” are sung after this towards the end of the chorus. This further secures the theme of not seeing and/or not wanting to see the negatives. The other main theme of ‘Main Street‘ is reminiscing on simple, more pleasant times. “Take me back to the start, before my past got hard” is the lyric that describes this. This could imply that in retrospect, the relationship was better to begin with, then progressively things began falling apart. Looking back on those easier, happier times could be the cause of everything being “rose tainted“.

From listening to their EP and this latest single, I immediately noticed New Town’s ability to create tracks that will sound equally impeccable recorded and in a live setting. I really enjoy listening to this latest single from New Town. The indie-rock tune is constructed very well, the vocals and different instruments easy to listen to and understand.