Single Review | LECKI LECKI | Grow Your Girlfriend

 In this fun new summer tune we hear band members Elo and Lewis for the first time as power duo LECKI LECKI.

“I could be a “Grow Your Girlfriend” you could make me do a backbend, mold me shape me, I’ll let you rearrange me”

A powerful debut for sure, “Grow Your Girlfriend” is the perfect new addition to your playlists. A catchy pop melody and a production that sounds professional and flawless.

I’m not sure why but for me this song feels like it just arrived from 2014 wearing high waisted pants and lip gloss. I can easily imagine it alongside “Shower” by Becky G and “I Really Like You” by Carly Rae Jepsen. Don’t get me wrong it still feels in tune with music now, especially in the pink barbie summer we’re all having. But the fun thing about teenage girl pop is that it has an intrinsic quality that remains the same, there’s a comfort to it, and you always end up coming back to it. Only this time instead of going back to 2014 you can listen to this gem instead.

Excited to see what the band is up to next, till then you can dance along to “Grow Your Girlfriend” over here!

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KATERINA is an indie artist from Crete, Greece based in Ayr, Scotland. After releasing her first single «They’re trying to sell my books» at the end of 2022 through Damfino Records, she has performed live at CamGlen Radio, Culture Incrociate and Glasgowstreetsound. Her newest single “Ballad of a Hollywood Dreamer” was recently played live on BBC Introducing.