Gig Preview | Don Broco | Barrowlands | 23.8.23

Glasgow is ready to welcome back to the iconic Barrowland Ballroom venue the Don Broco boys!

CC: @Don Broco Facebook Page

British rockers released their latest album ‘Amazing Things’ back in 2021, which was their first studio album to reach No. 1 in the UK charts, have not forgotten to visit the best city in the world as they continue touring!

They are well and truly leaving their mark on the British rock scene and continue to expand to more countries and festivals (make sure you check them out at Reading/Leeds this year).

With fan favourite tracks like ’T-Shirt Song’ to their most recent tracks from the new album like ‘One True Prince’ back to earlier popular hits like ‘Hold On’, each album this band has released has a different flavour to its sound and I don’t think there is anyone who could attend this gig and not enjoy it.

The alternative rockers are supported by ‘Kid Kapichi’ – also an alternative/indie band. The Hastings-based band will be tasked with getting the Glasgow crowd ready as they showcase their sounds and their massive personalities.

This will be a band to check out before Don Broco takes to the legendary Barrowland stage. Kid Kapichi not only sound passionate but their songwriting is full of it exploring topics from mental health, racism, frustrations and many other themes that will grip you as you listen! (CC: @federicaburellii)

I have no doubt they smash it as they set the scene for the party that will follow.

But, back to Don Broco:
The Bedford boys will not let you down if you are looking for more than live music – Don Broco will grip you from the very beginning. Expect to be moving – and when I say moving, I mean: sweating, jumping, dancing like no-ones watching, swinging t-shirts in the air, cowboy hats, dinosaurs and there may even be a game of badminton involved. Yes, you read correctly – there could be a game of badminton.

If you’re looking to find out what I mean, then grab a ticket now before this sells out and I’ll see you on the ballroom floor for a jump-around.