Glasgow rockers Layaway are back with another playlist-worthy single.

“A moment in this world”, released July 2nd, has already earned the title of BBC Rapal’s single of the week!
The track starts with grooving, crunchy guitars accompanied by raspy vocals, backed up by a steady drum-beat. Larger than life toms, paired with synths step in to create the bridge which rises intensely before exploding into the chorus.

The solid backbone of the track allows other elements to weave through in waves which holds one’s attention, the subtle pauses laced through the track build anticipation of what comes next.

Layaway have self-produced this musical gem by layering a combination of synths and percussion upon a traditional rock-band line up. This has given the band an undeniable edge.
Matheson’s vocals have a soulful grit to them which only enhances the lyrics that are equally soulful in meaning. Reminiscing about times gone by and what you would do to re-live those moments.

“You know I would do anything for a minute of your time”

Three and a half minutes packed full of guitar hooks and sing-along vocal parts, “A moment in this world” is worthy of the “stadium-rock” title Layaway give themselves.

The band have certainly made a lasting impression, having played most of the Glasgow circuit and received a healthy amount of air time on BBC Rapal’s show – the only way is up for these alternative-rockers.
It seems Layaway are finding their feet in the music world and their latest track is only an iota of what we can expect in the months to come.

Check their socials below to keep up to date with the latest releases (and an equally awesome music video coming soon!)