Paisley based artist Laura Murray is back with reflective new single ‘Leavin’ You In 2020′.

Laura Murray is an up-coming artist from Paisley who’s soulful voice is becoming widely recognised across the Scottish music scene.

‘Leavin’ You In 2020′ is a beautiful track that explores and navigates themes of reflection on past situations. The track offers a positive outlook on moving on and leaving negativity behind, a theme that can resonate with everyone in today’s current climate. The chorus is extremely catchy and makes you want to sing along with it and lyrically offers a great hook of ‘Leavin’ You In 2020′.

Laura’s vocals are definitely a massive highlight of the piece and hook you into the story of the song with her soulful delivery! Overall the track is a feel-good anthem and you will definitely want to listen to it on repeat!

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